Rewind (Demo) v2

Rewind (Demo) v2

16 May 2023

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Story behind the Song

"Rewind" is a sultry, nostalgia-tinged R&B ballad that encapsulates a poignant journey back to a past romance. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of intimate moments, recounting both the passion and playfulness of a bygone relationship. Evoking rich imagery of nights in Milan, the song delves into the nuanced memories of lovers lost in each other, from personalized romantic gestures to the rhythm of their names being repeated in whispers. The recurring motifs of 'rewinding' and 'unwinding' effectively portray a yearning for a time past, a desire to re-experience the intense connection and love that once was. The song also captures the irresistible allure of the lover, described as a 'wonderland' - a place of endless exploration and enchantment. Overall, it's a beautifully melancholic ode to a love that continues to echo in the chambers of memory, despite the passing of time.

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