Automatic Self feat. GrimesAI

Automatic Self feat. GrimesAI

8 May 2023

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Story behind the Song

Once upon a time in a quaint little town called Mindwell, the townspeople went about their daily lives, blissfully unaware of the hidden world that existed beneath the surface. This world was called Subconscia, and it was a bustling metropolis of thoughts, ideas, and decisions that influenced the lives of the people above. In Subconscia, there were two main districts: the Conscious District, where complex and morally significant decisions were made, and the Subconscious District, where automated processes and quick reactions took place. The two districts worked together in harmony, ensuring the smooth functioning of the minds of the people in Mindwell. One day, a curious young girl named Lucy stumbled upon a secret entrance to Subconscia. As she ventured into this hidden world, she was amazed by the incredible sights and sounds that greeted her. The streets were filled with thoughts and ideas, zipping around like cars on a busy highway. She marveled at the intricate network of connections that linked everything together, allowing the people of Mindwell to make decisions and react to their environment. As Lucy explored the Subconscious District, she discovered a fascinating experiment taking place. The researchers of Subconscia were studying the decision-making process, trying to understand how the subconscious mind could make decisions before the conscious mind was even aware of them. Intrigued, Lucy decided to participate in the experiment. The researchers asked Lucy to press a button whenever she felt the urge to do so. As she pressed the button, they monitored her brain activity and discovered that her subconscious mind made the decision to press the button half a second before she consciously realized she wanted to press it. To be continued... Access and download full song FREE* at https://www.bonfire.xyz/SAFENEWMEDIA *there you will find the free DEEP TRIBE access pass, which is a free collect with follow.